Everyone donating $25 or more will have their name added to this page (unless you choose the anonymous option.)

Please give what you can today to help our mothers make a difference.

Mothers in Charge wishes to thank:

Shawna Smith
In memory of Rasheen Naseeb Robinson

Leah B

Dan Berkowitz

Rose Bynum

Lori Chinitz

Malika Collins

Sheila David
Thanks for your honest efforts to make things better

Louise Dalessandro

Peter Deaville

Joshua Eisenberg

Edward Evans

Epstein Family Charitable Trust

Shira Goodman
In honor of the ongoing work and commitment of DR. Dorothy Johnson-Speight

Linda Henson
In memory of Ms. Sharon Kelly

Hope Honig
In memory of Ms. Sharon Kelly
From a member of SJ MOMS Demand Action

Kate Houston

Celeste Johnson

Rosie Jones
Thank you for letting me play music for your cause. I hope to stay engaged and learn more about your work.

Elinore Kaufman

Bette Kennedy

Micah Khan
America HomeHealthcare
With love. Your strength is inspiring! May you all be comforted during this. Happy Mother’s Day.

David Koppisch

Lance Laver

Jim MacMillan

Candice Mapp
In memory of Mr. Tyrone Freeman

Linette Mitchell
In memory of Zamar Jones

Monique Neault
In memory of Tyrone “TJ” Freeman

Carolyn Nichols

Shani Nuckols
In Honor of Sharon Kelly

Mike Nunziante

Debra O’Connor

John and Patricia Ogiony
In honor of Albert Cepparulo

Logan Pollander

Joel Scull

Ruben Sutton

Matthew Ramos

Arnold Richardson

Lori and Zach Risler
In honor of our son Bennett Samuel Risler

Alysha Ruiz

Catherine Rymsza
In memory of Sharon Kelly

Eric Satlow

Jenna Schuster

Shari Silberstein
With Love to Dorothy

Duchess Simone

Kirsten Slaugh

Justin Soli

Susan Sorenson

Megan Spokas

Temple Emergency Medicine Department
In recognition of the impactful education session you provided for our doctors. Thank you!

Karen Williams

Rhonda Williams

Paul Weisser
Thanks for the great work you are doing!

Jourdan Wexler

Doug Yates

Diana Young

Everyone donating $25 or more will have their name added to our Partners in Peace page, (unless you choose the anonymous option.)

Please give what you can today to help our mothers make a difference. 


Mothers In Charge has partnered with United Way to launch 1000 WOMEN For 1000 GIRLS Mentorship Program.  Mothers In Charge on site mentorship program offers group mentorship for girls from the ages of 12-17 that are currently in placement at Carson Valley Facility.


MIC and The School District of Philadelphia, are partnering together to “Stop The Violence” by offering Parent, Family and Community Resources.  In The School District of Philadelphia, “Parents are Our Partners” is not a slogan; it is one of the District’s five Core Beliefs.

Peace Day Philly was founded in 2011 as a grassroots initiative to promote local participation in the United Nations International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”), a worldwide day observed annually on SEPTEMBER 21. For each year 2012 and 2013, there were over 30 peace activities offered by a wide range of organizations across the city and region, as well as 40+ each year offered in neighborhoods across the city by the Philadelphia Police Department. For organizations that have signed on to participate in 2014.
Mothers In Charge has partnered with MamaCita, a Mothers Cooperative in the Arts. MamaCITA’s mission is to support each member in reaching her full artistic potential. MamaCITA members conduct monthly art classes during Grief Support meetings at MIC.
Operation LIPSTICK is a coalition of faith and civic leaders, elected officials, social service and law enforcement professionals working to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and youth without abridging the freedoms of law-abiding Americans. LIPSTICK supports the following goals: Preventing women from being used to buy, hide or hold guns for those who can’t legally own them.
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Families for justice
Cease Fire PA

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