Prayers and blessings for Ms. Sharon Kelly

We are saddened to announce the loss of our Atlantic City chapter leader Ms. Sharon Kelly, who passed away at the end of last week after fighting the good fight against pancreatic cancer.

Mothers In Charge extends our deepest sympathy, prayers and condolences to her beloved family at this time.
Few words can express how sad this news of losing such a dear one makes us feel. 

-Dr. Dorothy Johnson-Speight (Read more.)


Rest in Power John Lewis

Representative John Lewis was our great warrior for mankind, fighting many battles for us. He was a son of a sharecropper and fought tirelessly for racial equity before and during his time in Congress. He will be missed but his legacy and work will continue. We will continue to get in good trouble in his honor.  – Dr. Dorothy Johnson-Speight, Founder and National Executive Director (Read more.)


Statement on the killing of George Floyd from PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro

We must give people the confidence that through hard work we can heal our society, and lift the knee that holds down Black Americans and holds back the potential of our country. Institutionalized racism was put in place over generations by people. It will take time, but as individuals we have the power to end it, and ensure everyone the god-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (Read more.)