Grief Support

Individual and group support is available weekly to those who have lost loved ones to violence. Crisis counseling, therapeutic storytelling, and a support hot-line.


The Grief Support Group
Meets every Thursday
at 520 N Delaware Ave, Suite 302, Philadelphia, PA 19123 on the 3rd floor.
Light meal at 5:30 pm.
Group is from 6:00–8:00 pm.

Give and receive hope for the journey of healing by joining others in the giving and receiving of support on the dark path of traumatic grief. While no one can take away the pain of your loss, through sharing with others, you can both give and receive support. Pain shared is pain lessened.


Individual Grief Support is available at our office. It is recommended that for your first time seeking support, you meet individually at least once before attending your first group support meeting. Mothers In Charge wants to learn more about how we
can best support you during this difficult time of grief. All members, not only new members, are invited to schedule an appointment for Individual Grief Support at any time.