Violence prevention, education and intervention for youth, young adults, families and community organizations


A Partnership with Clear Channel Outdoors Inc.  Billboards throughout Philadelphia display information and photos of victims of unsolved murders with an anonymous tip line.   More info>>>



MIC and The School District of Philadelphia, are partnering together to “Stop The Violence” by offering Parent, Family and Community Resources.  In The School District of Philadelphia, “Parents are Our Partners” is not a slogan; it is one of the District’s five Core Beliefs. During 2009-2010 parents in great numbers confirmed Superintendent Arlene Ackerman’s conviction that, given the opportunity to be involved in a meaningful way, parents will step forward and be actively engaged in their children’s education. More info>>>


Mothers In Charge has partnered with United Way to launch 1000 WOMEN For 1000 GIRLS Mentorship Program.  Mothers In Charge on site mentorship program offers group mentorship for girls from the ages of 12-17 that are currently in placement at Carson Valley Facility. More info>>>



Mothers In Charge has partnered with Health Partners is a not-for-profit committed to improved health for more than 170,000 members in the Greater Philadelphia region. More info>>>


Mothers In Charge has partnered with MamaCita, a Mothers Cooperative in the Arts, in a year long art project. MamaCita artists Janice Hayes-Cha, Brenda Howell, Karen Hunter McLaughlin, Julie Mann and Kimberly Mehler will be working throughout 2012 to create an installation piece inspired by the Mothers In Charge. Consisting of hundreds of sculpted wire vessels, the art will memorialize each life lost to violence, and the mothers who mourn these lives, in the city of Philadelphia in 2012. The project is funded through a Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant and individual donations.
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